The Gaslight Anthem Detail New B-Sides Collection

The Gaslight Anthem Detail New B-Sides Collection
It's official: New Jersey rock crew the Gaslight Anthem are indeed releasing that previously speculated-upon B-sides album, which will arrive under the fitting title of The B-Sides.

As previously reported, the collection drops January 28 via SideOneDummy, with a pre-order listing on Music Direct explaining that it contains tracks recorded by the band between 2008 and 2011.

The set contains studio track "She Loves You," but also offers up live acoustic takes of older Gaslight Anthem songs like "The 59 Sound" and "The Queen of Lower Chelsea." The B-Sides features a handful of cover songs as well, with the band saluting the likes of Pearl Jam ("State of Love and Trust"), the Rolling Stones ("Tumbling Dice"), Lightning Dust ("Antonia Jane") and more.

If that sounds familiar, it should, as the group released many of these tracks on their Singles Collection: 2008-2011 7-inch vinyl box set earlier this year. The tracklisting arrangement is a little different for The B-Sides, and you can see how it all pans out down below.

The B-Sides:

1.  She Loves You
2.  The '59 Sound (Acoustic)
3.  State of Love and Trust (Live)
4.  Tumbling Dice
5.  The Queen of Lower Chelsea (Acoustic)
6.  Songs for Teenagers
7.  Great Expectations (Acoustic)
8.  Antonia Jane (Acoustic)
9.  American Slang (Acoustic)
10. Boxer (Acoustic)
11. Once Upon a Time