Gamits Antidote

Full of up-tempo pop songs that sound distinctly like Alkaline Trio channelling the ghost of early Lennon/McCartney, Antidote is a speedy exercise in fun, hooky pop punk. Like darker interpretations of "Twist and Shout,” songs like "Never Before Noon” and "Golden Sometimes” have themselves rooted in two distinct musical worlds. Melodically, they draw from pop heavyweights of the past, while the playing style is clearly derived from the Yellowcards and Ataris of today. Lead singer and songwriter Chris Fogal has a knack for penning catchy melodies, although his slightly nasal delivery can get to be a little much. Still, the roughness of his vocal style can be endearing, and adds a feeling of honesty and innocence to the proceedings. The pretty acoustic number that closes off the album, "Bridges,” is a fitting end to an album full of pretty pop moments, exemplifying all that is right with Antidote. (Suburban Home)