Galore Pilot Light

The members of Galore have led an interesting past with varying degrees of success - the names Cool Blue Halo, the Grace Babies and the Waltons will mean different things to different people, but they wouldn't lead anyone to predict what kind of music Galore would make. Barry Walsh, Galore's singer and songwriter, was obviously heavily influenced by the music of the '70s. There is a strong glam rock influence on many of the songs - Big Star could be held single-handedly responsible for "Shine Too Hard" and "Signs Of Life‚" while "Pushover" owes a big debt to T-Rex. Fortunately, they do add something more to the music, because that purely retro thing has become so cliché. When they do simply coast along on autopilot, the music veers towards blandness - the closing song, "From The Deep End‚" is the worst offender and overstays its welcome. Pilot Light is as polished a debut as you'll hear, but that isn't a surprise considering the years of experience involved. Based on this EP, there's a very good chance that Galore will turn out to be the most successful venture for all the band's members. (Fading Ways)