Gallows Unveil 'Death Is Birth' EP

Gallows Unveil 'Death Is Birth' EP
After teasing us with promises of an "unapologetic hardcore punk" EP, English hardcore punks Gallows have announced the details of their first official release with new singer Wade MacNeil (formerly of Alexisonfire). Entitled Birth Is Death, it's due out digitally on December 5 through Thirty Days of Night Records.

The four-track collection includes the blood-curdling snippet "True Colours," which melted our faces when it arrived back in the summer. It also contains three other new songs, which a press release promises "pack an equally vicious punch."

According to MacNeil, these songs aren't too much of a departure from those that Gallows released prior to his joining the band. "For me this record builds on what I've always loved about Gallows," he said. "No posturing. No pretense. Four songs like a kick in the teeth."

The EP is evidently a short one, since it all fits on a seven-inch vinyl record. This physical release will arrive shortly after the digital release, on December 13. Order your copy directly from the label, and don't delay, since quantities are super limited and already selling out.

Death Is Birth:

1. "Mondo Chaos"
2. "True Colours"
3. "Hate! Hate! Hate!"
4. "Death Is Birth"