Gallows 'Desolation Sounds Documentary' (Part 1)

Gallows 'Desolation Sounds Documentary' (Part 1)
UK punks Gallows are set to return with their latest LP Desolation Sounds next month, but before the record hits shelves, the band are rolling out a three-part documentary, and Exclaim! has got the exclusive first look at part one.
Appropriately titled Desolation Sounds, the short film explores the making of the new record. Inspired by the titular British Columbia location, the new album marks the band's second with Alexisonfire guitarist — and Canadian patriot — Wade MacNeil as frontman.
Fellow member Laurent "Lags" Barnard previously described Desolation Sounds as "the record I've dreamt about making." He went on to say: "I think the album sounds really fearless.... It's the sound of a band that's comfortable with playing music together, rather than trying to fit into a certain scene or zeitgeist or any preconceived notion of what the band should be. We just ignored the outside music world and made an album that felt good in our guts."
In the first segment of the new documentary, the group discuss their impending 10th anniversary and how the band dynamic has changed over the years. Studio footage and one-on-one interviews deliver an interesting insight into Gallows' approach to making music and should get fans riled up for the new release.
Desolation Sounds arrives on April 14 via Venn Records/Universal Music Canada. Watch the first part of the new documentary below.