Fuzzy Love Pagan Schmalz & Other Sacrifices

This band takes "songs you've never liked before" and loungifies them by giving them the electric organ treatment while flavouring them with other exotic instruments and a big dose of cheese. An interesting concept, about eight years ago (see Sara DeBell's 1993 release Grunge Lite, old Joey Cheezee stuff, etc.). Granted, I didn't feel that way when I first saw this CD; I was amused, but when I got down to listening to the album, the songs just didn't do it for me. If I can compliment the band on one thing, it would be the diversity of artists covered compared to most lounge-core cover albums (bringing together the Beach Boys, Nirvana, Neil Diamond and Helen Reddy). Unfortunately, I can't quite decide if I'm not into this album because it's just not that great or because the novelty of this concept has just worn off for me (which still may make it okay for you if you're not as cheesy pop-lounge jaded as me). (Independent)