Future States "Sudo Su" (video)

Future States 'Sudo Su' (video)
Based between Montreal and Ottawa, psych popsters Future States released their latest album Casual Listener this fall. Now, they're giving you a chance to pair your listening skills with the sense of sight thanks to a new music video.
It's "Sudo Su" — the final track on the LP — that's been given the visual treatment, taking viewers on a romp through Sackville, NB. More specifically, the action takes place at beloved local pub/bowling alley, Thunder & Lightning.
The clip was shot during the band's recent East Coast tour, capturing the essence of one particular night in Sackville.
"To me, that evening, and this video it produced, tell the story of how we experience time," the band's Nick Hyatt tells Exclaim! "We live a moment in such a concrete manner, and then when it's done...we're not sure it ever happened. Is it a memory, or a dream? Somehow that memory floats on the threshold between the two. Where did that happen again? What was he wearing? Did we share that dance? What song was playing? Some of the details are imprinted in our minds forever...and others slip just outside the reaches of our memory..."
Relive the group's memories of New Brunswick through the camera lens by watching the video for "Sudo Su" in the player below.