Funny People, Fifty Dead Men Walking and Shrink Take Us to the Theatre in This Week's Film Review Round-Up

<i>Funny People</i>, <i>Fifty Dead Men Walking</i> and <i>Shrink</i> Take Us to the Theatre in This Week's Film Review Round-Up
Once again it's Friday, and that means there's likely something amusing going on in theatres. So check out Exclaim!'s Recently Reviewed section because there's sure to be something there to tickle your movie-going fancy.

This week marks the return of a trio of contemporary comic heavyweights to the silver screen, packing all that hilarity into a single movie in the latest from 40 Year Old Virgin helmer Judd Apatow: Funny People. Adam Sandler stars as famous comedian George Simmons, who hires struggling comedian Ira Wright (Seth Rogen) to write him new comic material. When George learns that he's dying, Ira convinces him to reconnect with the people from his past. And in typical Apatow fashion, there are plenty of laughs to go around.

Technically impressive, well-paced and injecting just the right amount of tension, Kari Skogland's IRA biography Fifty Dead Men Walking tells the story of a man who gets caught up in the British Special Forces' attempts to infiltrate the Irish Republican Army. While it may be based on real life events, it unfortunately misses many opportunities to evolve into something more emotionally profound.

Finally, Kevin Spacey plays a psychiatrist to the stars in Shrink, though this latest in the long line of films portraying cynically existential existence in Hollywood falls flat.

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