Full White Drag

The Independence

BY Neil HavertyPublished Feb 1, 2003

Sometimes, no matter how much heart a band gives it, something gets lost in the execution and its records end up sounding flat. The Independence is a perfect example of this misfortune, as not one of the ten songs included ever really takes off, in spite of the solidity of the band's performance. One may be inclined to blame flatness on production techniques, but such isn't the case here. Recorded with Andy Maggoffin at the House of Miracles, the beefy production is one of the record's strongest attributes. So what makes The Independence fall short? Mainly it can be chalked up to the songwriting's lack of consistency. In any one song, FWD touches on both the truly unique and the painfully mediocre; at one moment the band shines with shockingly creative dynamics, only to lose the momentum by shifting into something far less groundbreaking. It's anyone's guess as to what FWD's next album will sound like. Let's just hope they stay far away from their nu rock meanderings and concentrate their efforts on the brainy riffs that make The Independence worth its while.

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