Fucked Up to Open for Titus Andronicus in Toronto Tonight

Fucked Up to Open for Titus Andronicus in Toronto Tonight
April Fool's Day typically spurs a range of lame surprises, from cling-wrapped toilet seats to flaming doorstop bags. This is way better: writing early this morning (April 1) on their Looking for Gold blog, Toronto hardcore stalwarts Fucked Up declared:

Hey, we are playing a show today, all new songs. APRIL 1
Horseshoe Tavern Toronto

That's the end of the post.

With a shared penchant for concept albums and seaside village fabricators, Fucked Up and New Jersey Civil War rockers Titus Andronicus make fitting bedfellows. Thus, the former's last-minute addition to tonight's Horseshoe Tavern bill, while unexpected, should be seamless, raucous and generally fantastic.

The Polaris Music Prize winners have been busy as of late, prepping third full-length outing, the apparent rock opera David Comes to Life and Record Store Day companion David's Town. All the activity has given them plenty to draw from for this "all new songs" appearance.

Of course, today's announcement should be taken with a slight grain of salt, given the date and Fucked Up's track record with April 1 shenanigans. Still, getting sued by a faux energy drink is one thing and booking a show is another entirely, so we're hoping we don't get stood up.

Plus, Fucked Up's Damian Abraham tweeted, "Tonight is no joke: Fucked Up is the surprise opener for 1 of the best bands in the world today: Titus Andronicus. At the Horseshoe." UPDATE: Yep, this is definitely happening, folks. Promoters Collective Concerts has confirmed.