Fucked Up Talk 'David Comes to Life' Follow-Up

Fucked Up Talk 'David Comes to Life' Follow-Up
It's been over a year since Toronto hardcore experimentalists Fucked Up issued their epic rock opera David Comes to Life. But being the studio-addicted band they are, it's no surprise to learn that they are deep into the writing stages of album number four.

Speaking with Exclaim!, guitarist Ben Cook and drummer Jonah Falco offered a report on how the record is shaping up. "We have about 40 half-finished songs," Cook explains. "I hope we are done next week, but for some reason I don't think that's gonna happen."

Falco adds, "It's so preliminary in the process we can only be vague at this point. It took us about two months to get to that 40 half songs number."

Still, if they really wanted to half-ass it at this point they could probably be done with the record, as Falco sarcastically explains, "We could just fold it all in half and release 20 songs with beginnings that don't match the ends and have this thing out in a month I think."

 As for how the new album will sound, the two members have some interesting descriptions. "I think this one is sounding a bit more punk and loose," Cook says. "Is that a really douchey description? I can't tell. It still has the nostalgic vibes of David Comes to Life."

As for Falco, he says, "I don't imagine that there is anything easily tagged in what's coming out of our practice space at the moment. Maybe this record will be for The Chemistry of Common Life what David Comes to Life was for Hidden World."

 Finally, they addressed the rumours that frontman Damian Abraham might step down as the main vocalist of Fucked Up.

"Damian is an emotional dude, and if he's having a bad day or a bad month and he does an interview, he's going be honest about what he's feeling at that time," Cook explains. "I think he's feeling more positive towards Fucked Up nowadays. Maybe he wasn't when he made those comments, understandably so. Of course he will be on the next album."

 Posting on the Fucked Up blog, guitarist Mike Haliechuk said that the band hope to start recording their new album in the fall or winter. Earlier in the summer, he posted a screen shot of songs with working titles like "Blink 18DU," "Weezer" and "90s Song."

For now, Fucked Up will be heading out on some more North American tour dates, including Riot Fest in Toronto on September 9, and you can check out all the stops here.