Fucked Up Share David Cover, New Track

Fucked Up Share <i>David</i> Cover, New Track
Now that we know the release date and concept behind Fucked Up's wild-sounding new rock opera, David Comes to Life, it's time for the small things, like, say, an album cover and teaser track. So that's what we're getting.

Via the band's always entertaining Looking for Gold blog, they shared the David cover art early this morning (March 25), and that's it above. The group also have given us our first taste of David via album cut "The Other Shoe," which you can download here. And, seriously, we recommend you check this out, as "The Other Shoe" has easily met our lofty expectations and then some.

Along with the track, the blog entry gives us some more descriptions about what we can expect from the new record, as well pointing us to new website davidcomestolife.com. On that new site, Fucked Up reveal that "The Other Shoe" is only the first of several upcoming singles, with "A Slanted Tone" due April 15, "Ship of Fools" due April 26 and "One More Night" due May 3. The album website also contains a cast of characters and the words behind Act One.

On top of all that, we're promised "lots of little 7"'s and special shows and things to pay attention to."

As already reported, David is due out June 7 on Matador Records.