Fuck the Facts "Drift" (video)

Fuck the Facts 'Drift' (video)
Canadian grindcore crew Fuck the Facts have a new video out for "Drift," the first track off their newest album Die Miserable.

David Hall directed this menacing clip, and he's worked with a number of other grindcore, death metal and heavy music acts, including Brutal Truth and Hail of Bullets. In a statement, Hall said the video and track attempt to convey "the modern trend of disposable friends" and the feeling that "people you would trust with your life stick you with a dirty AIDS needle for a fucking nickel."

Fast cuts and flickering images sync up with the song's intense breakdowns, coming off as an impression of a horror film where gruesome things are hinted at but never explicitly shown. The overall effect is deeply unnerving and captures the ugly theme of backstabbing and betrayal.

Watch the video for "Drift" below courtesy of Metal Injection. Fuck the Facts are about to head out on a Canadian tour supporting the Black Dahlia Murder.