From Ashes Rise Return with New Live Album, EP and Montreal Reunion Show

From Ashes Rise Return with New Live Album, EP and Montreal Reunion Show
Portland-based hardcore quartet From Ashes Rise, who played a similar vein of dreary d-beat crust as Tragedy and His Hero is Gone, called it quits in 2005 after a sturdy eight-year run. However, the band have returned with both a live album and their first shows in five years. On top of that, they have a new EP in the works.

As Punknews reports, the live album is called Live Hell and was recorded in Los Angeles in 2005. The 13-track release is available now through iTunes, and will get a limited 500 copy vinyl release by Jade Tree on March 23. Preview tracks or order the album here.

Following a reunion show in Portland last week, From Ashes Rise have three scheduled appearances on the horizon. They'll be playing Montreal's Friendship Cove on March 13. Then, they'll join Wolfbrigade, Black Breath, Pentagram, Entombed, Sodom, D.R.I. and many others for Baltimore's Maryland Deathfest on May 30. And finally, the band will play Munkedal, Sweden's Punk Illegal Festival on June 12.

From the looks of it, this won't just be a short-lived reunion. Speaking with the Portland Mercury, front-man Brad Boatright recently said that the band were considering new material. "We had a few songs in the works at the start of the hiatus that we may dig up," he said. "We've mentioned a four-song EP. We'll see how things pan out."

Live Hell:

1. "Silence"
2. "Hell in the Darkness"
3. "They"
4. "All in Due Time"
5. "Nightmares"
6. "The Noise"
7. "The Mandate"

8. "So Say the Wise"
9. "Moths to the Flame"

10. "The Final Goodbye"

11. "Uniforms"

12. "Reaction"
13. "The Widow"