Frisbie The Subversive Sounds of Love

I'm surprised that Aluminum Group still exists, because it seems to me that every other band from Chicago features an Aluminum Group member. Frisbie are no exception, also taking current or ex members from Poi Dog Pondering, Lotus Crown and the Moviegoers, for good measure. That list could potentially make an unholy din, but instead we get power pop of the highest quality. Their sound invokes memories of the much-beloved Jellyfish, or even some of the current purveyors of power-pop, like the Rooks, the Wondermints or even Matthew Sweet. With five members in the band, they pull off actually sounding more like a four piece. They even throw some trumpet into the mix to fill out their sound - it fits in without sounding out of place. The 13 songs on The Subversive Sounds Of Love are a good mixture of fast and slow songs, all of which help to showcase the band's vocal talents. Not surprisingly, there are some weaker moments, but for every one of those there are five or six absolute gems like "Pollyanna" and "Paid In Kind." As power pop goes, this is an album that belongs close to the top of the heap. It manages to sound remarkably modern while still retaining the pop sensibilities of the past with strong melodies and even stronger harmonies. (Hear Diagonally)