Freudstein Mondo Freudo

A little drum & bass, a little blippy electronic, with the odd gothic power chord thrown in for good measure, equals not a bad mix from England's Freudstein. They even soften the tone of the disc a bit (dare I say they get all Pink Floyd-y?) by the fourth song in, "The Only Thing." As soon as you think you have their sound pegged, they surprise you a bit, and that's what I most enjoy about Mondo Freudo. They give definite nods to prog rock, post-punk goth and dance floor industrial, all of which share disc space here quite comfortably. It's quite easy, as far as electronic acts go, to get stuck in song writing ruts and redo the same tunes over and over again, but this band thankfully avoids that. The high point comes near the end with the dance number "Your Dream," a very retro sounding instrumental piece with analog synth sounds and 808-like drum beats. The simplicity of it proves that everything old is new again, yet it doesn't have to sound like something we've heard a million times already. (Wasp Factory)