Freshchest Prose Presents Jabs and Cuts - Volume One: Live From Grand Central Terminal

With well-regarded underground artists like Lexicon, Breez Evahflowin' and iCON the Mic King representing verbally on this Freshchest-produced compilation, expectations are high and just not met. When the best track on the album is the CD-only bonus track, "Epiphany," by Fallen Angels members iCON, Manifest, Taboo and Diabolic, one must wonder what's going through the minds of Freshchest members JL and Johnny Cock. First of all, the intro and "Industry Rule 4080" interludes absolutely must go; they're just way too long and played out. Plus, they prevent Jabs and Cuts from ever really hitting the flow JL and Johnny keep struggling to capture. However, that could also be the result of a small selection of songs with weak beats that lack any boom-bap. An uninspired chorus holds back Breez's "All Day," but his other contribution, "Time Machine," is good compensation, while Lexicon also comes tight with opening track "Time to Listen," but they are unable to repeat with "Shit Right Here." J.A.Q.'s "The B Boy Song" is one of those typical emotional storytelling productions but with some good drum breaks over which J.A.Q. relates an interesting story of a hip-hop loving freestyler. And MC Sick, JL and DJ Tommee surprise as Moist Crackers with "In My Arms," and less so with "MCracks_session_12zero." Much of the rest is average at best, making this a decent introduction to Freshchest Prose, but by no means necessary. (Freshchest)