Fresh Snow

"January Skies" on Exclaim! TV

BY Hannah ZieglerPublished Aug 23, 2016

It may not be easy to keep up with Toronto's Fresh Snow, but it's always worth the ride. The genre-jumping quartet let their imaginations run wild with their cosmic, electronic-based music, focusing heavily on ambience and groove. From time to time, the four-piece incorporate horn and string players — and even vocalists such as DIANA's Carmen Elle, as seen on Fresh Snow's previous Exclaim! TV episode — on their songs. This week's episode, however, features just the core foursome — Bradley Davis, Andy Lloyd, Jon Maki and Tim Condon — for another awe-inspiring performance.
Enveloped in electric blue light, Fresh Snow begin "January Skies" with ominous synths and electric guitars, while slight percussion holds it all together in the background. About two minutes into what appears to be a doomy, Joy Division-esque track, the performance completely changes course. The strings and percussion fade momentarily as the ever-present synths keep the pulse; then, the band return with harsher guitar riffs, drums and a swirling synthesizer that drones in and out of earshot.
Allow Fresh Snow to appeal to all your auditory senses by watching the clip in the player below, and look out for their new LP, One, on September 9.  

Filmed by Katherine Kwan and Kyle Laurin
Audio recorded by Kyle Laurin
Audio mixed by Tim Condon
Edited by Katherine Kwan
Filmed at Endless City's CU Gallery (1161 Dundas St. West) in Toronto, ON

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