Freeworm Vegetation=Fuel

Vegetation=Fuel is the first full-length from Vincent Letellier, better known as Freeworm. It presents hybrids of global influences with nary a misstep. His music is sampling for its own sake. A didgeridoo may be recognisable as a sound source, but he'll construct a bass line centred around the particular moments in the attack and decay of that instrument, rather than trying to build some lame trance track around an exotic source. He does have a penchant for hip-hop grooves and drum & bass style drum edits and bass tones, but the music never gets into the idiomatic sounds or song structures suggested by these two styles. The main success of Vegetation=Fuel is Freeworm's integration of well-woven vocal sources driving most tunes. Acoustic guitar pops up fairly frequently, but make no mistake, this is music about the electronic music making process. This man knows his way around the studio. The stereo field is used widely and there is little attempt to make things sound majestic and exotic, in the way that so many world fusion hybrids try and fail. When that process is done well, you forget about notions of "liveness" and "acoustic" and just enjoy the songs and sounds. (Hydrophonik)