Freebooter One Day You'll See

Freebooter has been around since 1996 but has only recently been recognised outside their native Thunder Bay. They won a national talent search in 2001 and used the prize money to invest in two sets of home studio equipment so they could continue recording together despite a 300 km geographical gap between songwriters Richard Kendall and Adam Makarenko. Their third album, One Day You'll See, is pleasant enough, but it lacks any kind of edge or personality to make it stand out from the stacks of other similar music that's out there. There is no doubt is an audience for their gentle strummed songs, but I'm not it. And while it is a nice gesture for a father to write a song to his daughter (as Kendall did on "Daughter's Song"), there's a very good chance the rest of the world might not be so forgiving of sickly sweet lyrics and general blandness. (Independent)