Franz Ferdinand To Release Dub Version of Tonight

Franz Ferdinand To Release Dub Version of <i>Tonight</i>
If you were a little let down by Franz Ferdinand's so-so third album, Tonight, you're not alone. Fortunately, the band have an exciting new version of the album hitting shelves this summer to win over doubters.

Titled Blood, the band have put together a dub version of the entire Tonight record and will be releasing it in June on CD, vinyl and digital formats. The record was previously available as part of the band's super-deluxe version of Tonight, and was released again as a vinyl-only Record Store Day exclusive.

Speaking to NME, front-man Alex Kapranos said that the album has become his favourite way to listen to the new record and that producer Dan Carey has his hands all over Blood. "What you're hearing is Franz Ferdinand through Dan's filter," he said. "There's a lot of his personality in there and a lot of his own experimentation too."