Frankie Payne "Waiting to Die"

Frankie Payne 'Waiting to Die'
"You think I really care who's fly?" A fair enough question, and one that implies Toronto rapper Frankie Payne's new "Waiting to Die" single is about more than just catering to the latest trends. You can hear his from-the-heart survival banger online now.

The cut comes with production from Fameless, who fills the track with gothic choir chants, fast-trilling digi-hi-hat and an Old Testament-mean kaboom of bass. The track has Payne pondering his legacy, noting he's still putting it down for the block and finding a better way to maintain his cool without just buckling to the inevitable beckon call of the reaper.

In a statement, he writes: "Because nothing lasts forever, and you can fear the wolves forever, but remember the sheep are no better."

You can hear Payne trying to do a little right with his inspirational new tune via the player down below.