Frank Zappa's Estate License Unreleased Live Album

Frank Zappa's Estate License Unreleased Live Album
After Universal Music launched a reissue campaign last year, it's been a particularly good time to be a Frank Zappa fan. Now, the late artist's estate have sweetened the pot with an unreleased live album.

Roxy by Proxy offers up 76 minutes of previously unheard master recordings from two shows, recorded at Los Angeles venue the Roxy in 1973.

Rather than simply package and release the recordings, however, fans are being offered an exclusive licensing deal. For $1,000, they can own a duplication of the master copy and sell their own copies, complete with official art, for whatever price they choose as long as they pay a royalty of $1.20 per unit sold.

The project will run between now and December 28, and the proceeds will be put towards restoring The Roxy Performances, an unfinished live album. More information on the project is available here.

Thanks to Rolling Stone for the tip.