Frank Turner Announces 'Tape Deck Heart'

Frank Turner Announces 'Tape Deck Heart'
British folk-punk Frank Turner gave us not one but two separate compilations of older material since issuing 2011's England Keep My Bones, but the musician will finally give his fans an all-new LP this year. Titled Tape Deck Heart, it arrives April 22 in the UK, and presumably a day later in North America.

UPDATE: The album is due out April 23 in North America via Turner's new major label home of Interscope.

The album, his fifth overall, was recorded with Rich Costey (Interpol, Muse, Jane's Addiction), and apparently Turner reacted well to the producer having previously mixed some Weezer tracks. "I'm an enormous Weezer fan," Turner told NME, adding, "There's a fair amount of Weezer influence on this record."

Tape Deck Heart will be issued in standard and deluxe editions, with the regular album containing 12 new tracks and the bonus version featuring an extra six cuts. Turner admitted that it's a break-up record, and that it's "about what you do when something that was supposed to be perfect comes to its natural end. But it's not all heartache."

Tape Deck Heart:

1. Recovery

2. Losing Days

3. The Way I Tend To Be

4. Plain Sailing Weather

5. Good & Gone

6. Tell Tale Signs

7. Four Simple Words

8. Polaroid Picture

9. The Fisher King Blues

10. Anymore

11. Oh Brother

12. Broken Piano
13. We Shall Not Overcome (deluxe edition)

14. Wherefore Art Thou Gene Simmons (deluxe edition)

15. Tattoos (deluxe edition)

16. Undeveloped Film (deluxe edition)

17. Time Machine (deluxe edition)

18. Cowboy Chords (deluxe edition)