Four Tet Preps New Material for 'FabricLive' Mix

Four Tet Preps New Material for 'FabricLive' Mix
We've come to count on Four Tet for rolling out all sorts of stopgap releases in between albums, and recent projects have included a twelve-inch with Thom Yorke and Burial, a remix for Eluvium and a split with Cairbou. Now, Kieran Hebden has unveiled his next Four Tet release: a mix for the long-running FabricLive series.

Due out September 19 in the UK, this is No. 59 in the series, which is released by London, UK's Fabric nightclub. If you scan Hebden's Twitter account, you'll see lots of hints as to what might appear on the mix, including David Borden, Funky House Apple, Mike Millrain, Big Bird and Jess Jackson.

Most excitingly, he wrote, "There are going to be new Four Tet tracks on it." He also revealed, "Got some crazy tracks cleared for the mix too... rare UK underground white label type stuff."

On top of that, Hebden posted a clip from his recent performance at MUTEK in Montreal and called it a "Fabriclive59 preview." See it below.

In related news, Hebden told XLR8R, "There's going to be another twelve-inch this year, because I've made some new tracks for this Fabric mix and I'm going to do a twelve-inch with a couple of them on it."

Thanks to FACT for the tip.