Former Thieves Call It Quits

Former Thieves Call It Quits
Following a few years in the hardcore scene, Iowa-bred band Former Thieves are calling it quits. The Midwestern unit recently announced their split in a lengthy Facebook post penned by drummer Josh Sparks.

The skin-pounder for the Cedar Falls-based outfit started off by noting the difficulty of performing in a band that isn't living in a music hub, but he added that their location was never a setback for them. Instead, he cited the tried, tested and true reality of members heading off into different directions outside of the band as the primary cause for the split.

"The actual difficulty of being a band transcends location, privilege, ultimate goals, or musical ability. It's staying a band. That's the hard part. As a band progresses and time moves on, there is a lot of life happening in the periphery. It gets to be a lot to balance," he wrote. "The task becomes how well you can keep one foot planted in two polarized worlds, without getting completely lost in the tap-dancing act of making a home life and a band life work. There's no easy way to say this, but that's where we as Former Thieves have become exhausted."

Sparks went on to say that the unit will not continue via an altered lineup and states that it's unclear whether they'll play a last show.

"I'm not sure what happens to the collective 'us' now... A last show? It's uncertain at best, but we'll let you know at a time when the if's and how's can be answered."

You can read the entire message here.

Former Thieves issued their The Great and the Alleged Great EP in 2010 before delivering last year's debut LP, The Language That We Speak. Of the LP, which was said to be about the dreariness of Midwest life, Exclaim! applauded Former Thieves' for giving up "a fresh perspective of just how agonizingly boring fields and farms can be" via an "agitated cacophony."