For Today Portals

Sioux City, IA metal-ish hardcore unit For Today are living up to their name; they play music that, for today, is a mainstream sound in the underground: hardcore that's got some metal to it but that's not quite metalcore. Their music is Stick To Your Guns hardcore meets sweeping guitar riffs that wish they were as monstrous as Between the Buried and Me's. "Saul Of Tarsus (The Messenger)" is the first chance a listener gets to familiarize themselves with For Today, after a brief into/transitional track that begins with a solid sweeping solo over chunky muted riffs and double bass it changes gears quickly into an up-beat hardcore tempo before going back into a bouncing, mosh-friendly rhythm. While "Immanuel (The Redeemer)" starts of in hardcore punk fashion, with group chants and blistering speed, "Ezekiel (The Visionary)" begins with a floor-pounding, slowed tempo and works the tough-guy element. Portals contains many biblical references, which don't harm the album, which finds solace in not dwelling on one style of music for its entirety. This release shouldn't be condemned to damnation; it's good enough to get through the pearly gates. (Facedown)