For Today Breaker

Even the most hardened of metalcore fan boys are being forced to become pickier as the genre spirals into derivative, laughable oblivion. Once in a while, an act will come along that prove the naysayers wrong and revitalize the game for as long as it takes to inspire a new wave of clones. Sadly, For Today are not that band, but the potential is there, and Breaker isn't an utterly embarrassing experience for band or listener. Flaunting their influences shamelessly, For Today's sound incorporates elements of many popular acts ― As I Lay Dying, August Burns Red and, most obviously, Between the Buried and Me. Their outright theft of early BTBAM's riffing style on "King" will be troublesome for some, as will their over-reliance on breakdowns, but the majority of people seeking a record like this won't mind. The more piecemeal elements of Breaker are countered somewhat by a surprisingly creative drummer who accents the moshier sections tastefully and a beefy, professional mix that sounds noticeably better than many high-profile genre releases this year. The interludes are questionable, however ― while spoken word/rapped segments recounting childhood sexual abuse are disarmingly honest, they unfortunately recall an outdated gimmick used by countless nu metal bands, as well as the borderline rapcore-isms of labelmates Sleeping Giant. (Facedown)