For Better or Worse, MGMT Reveal Congratulations Cover Art

For Better or Worse, MGMT Reveal <i>Congratulations</i> Cover Art
It's only February, but already we have a contender for worst album cover of 2010. Like it or not, it's coming courtesy of MGMT, who today revealed the cover art for their much-anticipated Congratulations.

We're no art critics here, but as you can see from the image above, the guys have gone a little overboard on the early '90s nostalgia trip here. The cover comes off looking like Sonic the Hedgehog lost in some Chester Cheetah nightmare, and kind of reminds us of those cheap stickers we used to slap on our old oversized skateboards as kids. But guess that's what you get when you enlist Anthony Ausgang to do your artwork.

On the plus side, at least MGMT are sticking to their guns on that whole surfing theme.

Congratulations is due out on April 13 via Columbia.