¡FLIST! Says 'Fuck You Im Dead' on Debut Album

BY Alex HudsonPublished Sep 16, 2014

Proving that patience really is a virtue, the songs that make up ¡FLIST!'s debut album were written open an impressive eight-year period. However, it's now finally done, and Fuck You Im Dead is due out on November 11 via Art Not Love Records.

For those unfamiliar with ¡FLIST!, it's the alias of Montreal genre-bender Charlie Twitch. A press release describes his sound like this: "Misled romances, visceral, semi-choreographed convulsions, dark soul beats, dirty guitars and baritone vocals. Some kind of sweaty, dance-y, David Lynch-ness."

Fuck You Im Dead is said to draw on influences like Busta Rhymes, Carl Perkins, Marc Almond and Pharoahe Monch. The album will be released digitally, on cassette and CD, as well as a downloadable accompaniment to an art print. It's available to pre-order via an Indiegogo campaign that includes bonus items like a digital outtakes EP, an art book and a wooden urn. Go here to order a copy.

Below, check out a 46-second teaser with dark electronic music and shadowy, cryptic visuals.

¡FLIST! has a Pop Montreal performance on September 20 at the Playhouse.

Fuck You Im Dead:

1. Purify Your Soul
2. Fat Square
3. Dents de Fer
4. Mercury's Net
5. Four Fears
6. Cruoritosis
7. Tuberculoma
8. Latrine
9. Imagine
10. Winter's Approach

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