Flavor Flav Going into the Fried Chicken and Liquor Business

Flavor Flav Going into the Fried Chicken and Liquor Business
Flavor Flav is a businessman. Seriously, the Public Enemy hype man knows how to sell himself. Whether it was convincing television networks to cast him on The Surreal Life or to green-light his reality game show, Flavor of Love, or whether it was getting PE fans to raise funds for the legendary hip-hop troupe's latest album, the guy knows how to get some financial backing. It's no surprise, then, that the clock-rockin' rapper has announced some new moneymaking ventures.

The Quietus reports that at a Public Enemy Q&A session prior to a performance in London on Sunday (November 14), Flav revealed ambitions to enter the food and drink game via a vodka venture and a fried chicken franchise.

"I want you all to keep on the lookout -- it should be on the shelves by January -- I'm launching a thing called 'Le Flav Spirits,'" Flav told the press. "I'm comin' out with a cherry vodka, a berry vodka, an olive vodka, a sweet tea vodka, a bubblegum vodka and grape vodka. Also, I'm comin' out with 'Le Flav Cognac' and 'Chateaux Le Flav,' which'll be some bubbly. Champagne, that's right, folks -- Poppin'n'drinkin'!"

In addition to the spirits collection, he hopes people will sink their teeth into the chicken he will be serving up sometime soon.

"I'm also launching FFC. Ya'll heard of KFC right? Well, this is FFC: Flav's Fried Chicken," he explained. "The Colonel better watch his back, G! The Colonel might end up in my fryer!"

Though the concept of washing down a wing with a glass of bubblegum vodka is, um, intriguing, let's try not to go overboard with either product once they hit the market. Binging on hard liquor and fast food will put you on the fast track to a heart attack, and as Flav once said, "911 Is a Joke."