Flatbush Zombies "RedEye to Paris" (ft. Skepta)

Flatbush Zombies 'RedEye to Paris' (ft. Skepta)
It's Friday afternoon, meaning it's time for Flatbush Zombies to show off yet another new tune as part of their ongoing  "Day of the Dead" online singles series. Thankfully, the Zombie crew haven't served up a lifeless new song, but a rather skewed single called "RedEye to Paris."

Throughout the track, a heavenly harp loop is paired with a hi-hat smacking beat. As you may have come to expect from the pot-loving posse, there's plenty of allusions to being paralyzed by a potent puff of that good-good.

You'll find the fiery Flatbush trio's latest international  track, which features an aggro closing verse from UK grime guy Skepta, down below.