Flatbush Zombies "Plz Don't Make Me Do It" (ft. Domo Genesis)

Flatbush Zombies 'Plz Don't Make Me Do It' (ft. Domo Genesis)
Stoned-out New York unit Flatbush Zombies recently resuscitated their "Day of the Dead" series, with the latest premiere coming today (March 6). A mystifying concoction of hazy beat work and narcotic wordplay, you can let their "Plz Don't Make Me Do It" help you through the weekend now.

The Architect offers an intoxicating boom-bap spiked with lounge piano loops and the sound of women's laughter. Above it all, you get a series of lines from the Zombies and guest West Coaster Domo Genesis about opting out of popping molly in favour of smoking a pound of weed, and whether or not John Coltrane ever munched on a magic mushroom. After eyeballing the fungi-infested artwork for the single, it's probably safe to say that the Zombies will go for a taste from time to time.

Should you choose to do so of your own free will, you can stream "Plz Don't Make Me Do It" down below.