Flash Bastard Bastard Radio

Notorious for being kicked off a tour with Mötley Crüe for heckling the Scorpions more than the pansies could handle, followed by having their debut disc canned by Americoma Records, Flash Bastard knows all about being knocked down and getting right back up with fists swinging. Sure, it may have taken a majority of the last decade for these drunken and obnoxious rock'n'roll boys to finally release Bastard Radio, but a legacy in the works can't be rushed. The band's blazing late '70s/early '80s brand of rock definitely maintains a self-righteous and sarcastic demeanour, but you have to wonder if the world really needs more cock rock stars right now? Furthermore, it's hard to tell if the band is being serious or blatantly ludicrous when they begin to sing the cheesy choruses to "Beautiful" or "You Can't Touch Me?" Regardless, the album does rock pretty damn hard, and it definitely possesses the potential to make people squeeze into leather pants ten sizes too small, putting genital consequences aside for the sake of fashion and fist-in-the-air rock'n'roll. (LongShot)