Flaming Lips Reveal New Album Details

Flaming Lips Reveal New Album Details
Though there is no ETA for the new Flaming Lips album, the band are currently talking, describing what fans can expect from the successor to 2006's At War With the Mystics.

Speaking to Billboard, main Lip Wayne Coyne described the album so far as sounding "something like if John Lennon got together with Miles Davis and they discovered computers." Backing up on the Lennon reference, Coyne added, "I'd never want to make it sound like Imagine, but some of these songs accidentally fall into that category. We never want to feel like we've got the answers to the world, while we're quietly going insane on our own level."

About the process in the studio, Coyne described the "fucked" experience, saying, "Sometimes there's an element of song structure that me and [band member] Steven [Drozd] get really bored of. But you can play certain things and the computer fucks with them in a way where it's like, 'Oh, I didn't think of that before.' Even as we speak I get excited. I'm thinking, 'Fuck! This is going to be cool!'"

In other news, the Flaming Lips are currently working hard trying to find a litter of puppies homes after a friend of Coyne's took in a stray that gave birth. On the band's MySpace page, they posted a message saying:

A stray wandered up to a friend's place six weeks ago and proceeded to give birth to ten pups!!! Seven still need a place to call home. They already have their first shot and they all come with an instruction/owner's manual. If you are interested and you live in Oklahoma City, please send me a MySpace message with your name and phone number with the subject of: I WANT A PUP! and our friend Tim will give you a call. Please, please, please DO NOT respond if you are not interested in taking home one of these super cuties, it takes too much time to sift through the noise.

The Flaming Lips play BC's Pemberton Festival on July 26, along with Jay-Z, Coldplay and Tom Petty.