The Flaming Lips Closer to Bringing Yoshimi to Broadway?

The Flaming Lips Closer to Bringing <i>Yoshimi</i> to Broadway?
The Flaming Lips spent the last year crafting an excellent album, covering Dark Side of the Moon and, um, showing off a Blob in the Bath. Still, that doesn't stop them from exploring new ideas. The latest in their long list of future projects is a Broadway adaptation of their beloved 2002 album, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots.

Speaking with WENN, Lips front-man Wayne Coyne says that the long-rumoured theatrical adaptation is finally starting to come into its own.

"We've talked about doing something with Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots now for about five or six years," he explains. "They did it with [the Who's] Tommy and Des McAnuff was the director, and he's the one that wants to do Yoshimi."

For the musical to go into production, however, Wayne says that the timing has to be right. "We've actually pursued it to a certain extent and I think that where it sits is really just me deciding to dedicate a couple of years of my life to making it," he admits. "It's a strange opportunity but I know we've talked about it since 2003. We would incorporate all the songs and probably write some other music that told a little bit more of a story... That being said, I don't think it would be overly impossible to draw some connections and come up with some type of emotional storyline."

So as much as a Yoshimi musical might totally rule, it still may be a long ways from completion. In fact, we reported that the Lips were heading to Broadway way back in 2007, and Coyne doesn't seem to have made all that much progress since then. But even if it doesn't happen soon, at least there's that new Lips flick to look forward to.