Fischerspooner Best Album Ever

From the opening vocodorised heavy breathing and electro squiggle you know you're being taken for a ride, but once the zero gravity beat kicks in you can't help but enjoy it. As one of the pioneers of the ongoing electro revival (alongside Int'l DeeJay Gigolo label-mates Miss Kittin and the Hacker and Montreal's Tiga), the NYC duo of Casey Spooner and Warren Fischer are among its most proficient practitioners. Replete with Atari sound effects and cheeseball energy, Best Album Ever is so darn fun it forces you to like it despite yourself, and despite the often-irritating new wave vocals that constantly interrupt the mad synthesiser symphonies. It's a hell of a more pop than *N Sync, and if the rest of the world can't see that, well, they're wrong. (International DeeJay Gigolo)