Figurines "Hey, Girl"

Figurines 'Hey, Girl'
Eschewing the slacker sensibility of the indie rockness they sweat from their pores, these vastly neglected Danes are back already after last year's somewhat-of-a-breakthrough album, Skeletons. Still on the Control Group south of the border, up here in the GWN (that's Great White North) the folks at Paper Bag have picked them up for an exclusive Canadian deal. The first single taken from their forthcoming album, When the Deer Wore Blue, "Hey, Girl" is a gregarious pop song; immediate in its brisk two and a half minutes, it's all the more energising, like one of those Nestea plunges. The '60s sunshine vibe hints that perhaps they've been surfing in their off time, as (WARNING! Lazy journalistic comparison up ahead) this sounds more like the Shins than anything off Skeleton, but there's one big difference: nothing of that band's new album sounds nearly as inviting as "Hey, Girl." Cool!