Fifth Hour Hero No Revenge… Just A Vicious Crush

What Montreal’s Fifth Hour Hero have demonstrated once again on their latest full-length is that it is possible to be melodic and catchy without ever really being too poppy. A strong collection of songs that are buoyed by the additional production values that Scattered Sentences, their last full-length effort, lacked, No Revenge… shows the band at the peak of their songwriting game once again, with a strong punk pedigree shining through their highly memorable choruses. The distinct and strong vocal presence of Genevieve Tremblay remains one of the band’s biggest assets, with additional vocals courtesy of Olivier Maguire making for some beautiful harmonies and some very earnest delivery. "My Sympathies,” one of the record’s strongest tracks, features some of the most heartfelt vocal delivery the band have ever committed to tape, while gritty but hook-filled songs like "Divorce” demonstrate the best that this band have to offer, with an explosive and emotional finale. With all these strong attributes stacked in their corner, No Revenge… continues to prove the power of Fifth Hour Hero’s simplistic and highly compelling style of writing. (No Idea)