The Field From Here We Go Sublime

The second Kompakt album release this spring comes from the Field (aka Axel Willner), who started off a few years back as a pivotal player in the label’s neo-trance revival alongside acts like Kaito, Ferenc and, to lesser extent, Michael Mayer. His singles and remixes (check out his stellar 120 Days remix) leading up to From Here We Go Sublime pointed in the direction of cut’n’loop samplers like Smith N’ Hack, Wolfgang Voigt and (more abstractly) Oval, who build out of repetition using oscillating keys. To a degree, the Field’s full-length is built on this foundation, only here many of these tracks are fleshed out with a steady, driving backbeat. True to its title, these tracks aim for the sublime, and fans of Kompakt’s singles will find much to like on this club-driven album. From Here We Go Sublime is not an easy record but it is a deceptive one and it rewards repeat listens. Those who prefer a more spacey and minimal trance than Gui Boratto’s lush Chromophobia will surely cherish the Field. (Kompakt)