Fear of Eternity Toward the Castle

With the aged melancholy of goth, not to mention its layers of synthesised strings, keyboards and effects, and the maleficence of black metal along with its dirge-like guitars and primeval voice, Fear of Eternity’s first full length album is thick with funereal atmosphere. Like the soundtrack to a tale of gothic horror (often with Goblin-esque eeriness), Toward the Castle entrances, but with a hint of delightful revulsion, undulating in swirls of looping melodies and slow-paced riffs. Fear of Eternity is a one-man show, whisperingly intimate at some moments and then coolly remote the next, almost soothing if it weren’t for the buzz of the guitars and the throat-wrenching vocal delivery. Despite its lack of speed, Toward the Castle never plods, but pulsates instead, throbbing and bleeding like a pierced heart. (Three Ring)