Faux Fur's Jean-Sebastien Audet Wants to Record a Personal Album for You

Faux Fur's Jean-Sebastien Audet Wants to Record a Personal Album for You
As the brains behind Calgary-based projects like Faux Fur, the You Are Minez, Darren Wantz and Zouk Fuck, you might think that 16-year-old Jean-Sebastien Audet already has too much on his plate. Apparently, however, you'd be wrong, as the guitar-toting teen has revealed plans to record an entire album for anyone who asks.

Speaking with Exclaim!, Audet revealed a unique project he's started while out of school for the summer. "I want to record full albums for people personally and never release them, just send them a tape in the mail," he explains. "They can do whatever they want with it. I'll just make the tape and send them the master, and then it'll be in their hands."

While news to us, the project is already in motion. "Since summer's started I've finished two full albums for people. I'm thinking of doing a different genre for every album. The first one, I would compare it to Dinosaur Jr. or something. The next one I recorded had kind of garage-y Sic Alps vibes. Whatever I'm listening to that week is what the album will be comparable to."

If you want one of Audet's one-of-a-kind cassette albums, all you have to do is ask. As per his request, just email him with your name, address and a kind request for the album. He can be reached at [email protected]

 As for how many Audet can make, he hasn't really specified other than that "it'll slow down when school starts," which will be pretty soon, of course. Still, he added, "I'll try to do as many as possible without blowing my brains out.

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