Father John Misty Performs "Nancy From Now On"

Father John Misty Performs 'Nancy From Now On'
Josh Tillman is perhaps best known as the former drummer for Fleet Foxes. Since departing from the indie-folk unit this past January, he's reemerged with a new solo album as Father John Misty. Fear Fun arrived at the beginning of May on Sub Pop, and a few weeks later Exclaim! TV met up with Tillman before his Toronto show at the Horseshoe Tavern.

With Father John Misty, Tillman trades in the sleepy pastoral harmonies of Fleet Foxes for a sound that is equal parts psych and alt-country. In this clip he performs "Nancy From Now On," a single from Fear Fun, and conveys a grimy downtown feeling with subtle prowling feline stage moves. This performance also makes clear that although Father John Misty leaves behind the pristine Fleet Foxes vocals, he still makes use of his ability to hit those high notes.

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