Father John Misty "The Suburbs" (Arcade Fire cover)

Father John Misty 'The Suburbs' (Arcade Fire cover)
Father John Misty (real name Joshua Tillman) has had a big year so far thanks to the release of his latest LP I Love You, Honeybear. But just in time for Canada Day, the American singer-songwriter has delivered a cover of a recent Canadian classic.
Tillman recently teamed up with CBC Music to take on "The Suburbs" by Arcade Fire, and the results are a soothing, stripped-down, acoustic rendition of the track from the 2010 album of the same name.
It's not the first time he's paid homage to Canadian content — Tillman previously covered Leonard Cohen's "I'm Your Man" and "Bird on the Wire." Now, though, you can watch him add "The Suburbs" to his repertoire in the player below.