Father John Misty "Holy Hell"

Father John Misty 'Holy Hell'
Photo: Kim Jay
Never one to be silent for long, Father John Misty has unloaded another nugget of song upon us. This time this comes via the new track "Holy Hell."

Stripped down to just Joshua Tillman and his piano, the song weaves an appropriately dark atmosphere, as the balladeer strikes a political nerve. Starting with a grim "Hell / Holy Hell / Holy Hell / Damn the future ain't looking so bright," Tillman sings of "highly effective rhetoric" and "perverts who get off on it."

He even closes with a pseudo call to arms, singing, "But all my friends, yeah, I'm talking to you / The world won't end unless we want it to / There's no one in control / And it's our life to choose."

Hear the seemingly one-off track for yourself below.