Fat Wreck Chords Is Selling "Not My President" Shirts Again

Fat Wreck Chords Is Selling 'Not My President' Shirts Again
Long-running punk imprint Fat Wreck Chords will soon see a home release of its documentary A Fat Wreck: The Punk-u-mentary, but that's not the only hot merch item associated with the label. It has also started selling "Not My President" T-shirts again.

Proving that nothing has really changed in the last decade and a half, the 2000s' hottest merch item has been updated to include Donald Trump's mean mug in place of George W. Bush's face.

There are also two iterations of the shirt. If you want to show just how punk rock you really are, you can utilize a curse word on the "Not My Fuckin' President" shirt.

Of course, if you're a Canadian the "not my president" statement will be particularly redundant. Further, Donald Trump is not anyone's president until he's inaugurated early next year.

Regardless, if you want to stick it to the man while looking like a cool Warped Tour attendee, you can purchase the new shirts here.

As the label says, "Proceeds from the sale of these shirts over the next four years will be donated to organizations working to combat whatever bullshit policies this scumbag attempts to perpetrate on our country and the world."