Fat Trel "Muney" / "Billionaire" (videos)

Fat Trel 'Muney' / 'Billionaire' (videos)
Earlier this week, we learned that Fat Trel hit the studio with Chief Keef and Master P to work on P's upcoming Al Capone release, but it turns out the trio are also working on a new mixtape from Trel called Sex Drug Muney & Gunz. While a release date has yet to be set, you can preview an early version of the tape's "Muney" in a new video.

As you'd imagine by that title, the stately 808-driven LeekeLeek beat has the DC rapper bragging about how he doles out the dollars. He and Keef smoke and drink in the studio at the beginning of the clip, but eventually hit a club with stacks of bills in tow. It turns out Trel might not trust the U.S. banking system, though, as he makes a big reveal that he keeps all his cash in his socks and undies.

Apparently Keef will figure on the finished version, but you can check out the work in progress down below.

UPDATE: Fat Trel has just released another video today for "Billionaire," which you can also check out below.