The Famines Prep A Feast With Deluxe Cassette

The Famines Prep A Feast With Deluxe Cassette
Edmonton fuzz punk duo the Famines have announced the details of their second release. A cassette tape simply titled 14 July 2008, the EP follows their double seven-inch with a series of live recordings. Some of the tracks are the same, and some are new. The recordings come from a live session the band did for Vue Weekly, and the audio quality was so good they decided to release it on cassette.

Here's the most exciting part: the tape will come bundled with a 268-page booklet with illustrations and other design work done by Famines front-man and accomplished graphic designer Raymon Biesinger.

You can pick up your copy of the limited cassette on the Famines' previously announced Canadian tour.

14 July 2008 tracklist:
1. "I Like Some of the Things You Do"
2. "Gimme Some Numbers"
3. "Hi Hi Hi"
4. "Faux Famous"
5. "TWA Flight 553"
6. "Got Lies if You Want Them"
7. "the Rumour Mill"