The Fall Give This Nation's Saving Grace Triple-Disc Deluxe Reissue

The Fall Give <i>This Nation's Saving Grace</i> Triple-Disc Deluxe Reissue
Legendary UK post-punk powerhouse the Fall will be giving their iconic 1985 album This Nation's Saving Grace a deluxe reissue in early 2011. The album will be expanded to three discs for a set called This Nation's Saving Grace: The Omnibus Edition.

In addition to a remaster of the original album on the first disc, the set includes alternate mixes, singles, Peel sessions and other rarities. The second disc is comprised of rough mixes done by Mark E. Smith himself in the demo stages. As a press release explains, the alternate sound "reveals different balances to the ingredients of the sonic jigsaw (often with clearer vocals). Though it's heresy to suggest it, some of these raw mixes have an energy that may improve on the final tracks."

Finally, on the third disc, the band have compiled the "Cruiser's Creek" and "Couldn't Get Ahead"/"Rollin' Dany" singles, along with their Peel sessions recorded in March and July of 1985.

Beggars Archive will drop The Omnibus Edition on January 25 in North America, with a European release the day before. The set will also include a 48-page book and Japanese-style paper sleeves.

Thanks to Slicing Up Eyeballs for the tip.

This Nation's Saving Grace: The Omnibus Edition:

Disc one: This Nation's Saving Grace:

1. "Mansion"
2. "Bombast"
3. "Barmy"
4. "What You Need"
5. "Spoilt Victorian Child"
6. "L.A."
7. "Gut Of The Quantifier"
8. "My New House"
9. "Paintwork"
10. "I Am Damo Suzuki"
11. "To Nkroachment: Yarbles"

Disc two: Rough Mixes and Outtakes:

1. "Demo Suzuki" (rough mix)
2. "Wonderful And Frightened pt.1" (rough mix)
3. "Wonderful And Frightened pt.2" (rough mix)
4. "Gut Of The Quantifier" (rough mix)
5. "Bombast" (rough mix)
6. "Barmy" (rough mix)
7. "My New House" (Mark's rough mix)
8. "Paintwork" (rough mix)
9. "Ma Riley" (rough mix)
10. "Spoilt Victorian Childe" (rough mix)
11. "L.A." (rough mix)
12. "What You Need" (rough mix)
13. "Edie" (rough mix)
14. "Cruiser's Creek" (long version)
15. "L.A." (take 2)
16. "Bombast" (Blackwing version)
17. "Paintwork" (Gloss)

Disc three: Singles and Sessions:

1, "Couldn't Get Ahead"
2. "Rollin' Dany"
3. "Petty (Thief) Lout"
4. "Cruiser's Creek" (single version)
5. "Vixen"
6. "Ma Riley"
7. "I Am Barmy" (long version)
8. "Cruiser's Creek" (4.16 edit version)
9. "Spoilt Victorian Child" (Peel session)
10. "Gut Of The Quantifier" (Peel session)
11. "Couldn't Get Ahead" (Peel session)
12. "Cruiser's Creek" (Peel session)
13. "L.A." (Peel session)
14. "What You Need" (Peel session)