A Faith Called Chaos Forgive Nothing

Mixing classic rock and roll with modern screamo creates an interesting musical monster. Over the top emotion bumping up against over the top guitar solos, mathematic musicianship and showy fret board mastery; yet it all comes together nicely in the form of Forgive Nothing. Reminiscent of Separate The Magnets-era Grade with more of a Van Halen influence, A Faith Called Chaos deliver the huge sonic assault that only a band of six can. Where the band really succeeds is on tracks like "We Woke Up A Fire,” which captures what makes both classic rock and screamo great. Other tracks rely a little too heavily on the clichés of either genre, such as the early ’90s metal riffage of "Boxing With Bayonets.” The huge scream-along of "The Pugilist” is truly the highlight of the record, offering up a sign that their may be truly great things to come from A Faith Called Chaos. (Volcom)